This automatic artwork punch ensures the highest precision. Combining the latest computer vision technology with the most precise mechanical design, the PF maximizes productivity.

  • Precision engineered for extreme accuracy
  • Computer vision eliminates operator error
  • The most precise mechanical design available
  • Provides complete pattern - considers all necessary clearance holes
  • Splits difference of any error after target viewing
  • SPC Tracking

Designed for ease of use

  • Software is designed for easy operator interface
  • Parameters for allowable growth and shrinkage and thresholds are easily set
  • Data file is automatically created for tracking historical data on growth and shrinkage

Improves imaging accuracy

  • Advanced computer vision system assures extreme accuracy by eliminating the need for operator intervention
  • Vacuum table holds artwork perfectly flat and motionless for maximum accuracy
  • Fixed Jig-ground punch positions guarantee precise, repeatable punching (within +/- 0.00025mm) that will not change even after many years of use.

Customizable to fit your precise requirements

  • Punch can be designed with multiple layouts to fit customer's film sizes and punching needs.
  • When used in conjunction with PinLam EF glass exposure systems, accuracy and productivity are unmatched.
  • Also available in semi-automatic and manual versions.


Size and punch configuration: To fit customer applications.