Advantages for multilayer manufacturing

Post-etch punching avoids the tolerance errors that accumulate when punching is done prior to etching. As a result, multiple layers are registered with greater precision and the finished PCBs reflect maximum accuracy. In other words, the post-etch process dramatically improves multilayer productivity and yields.

Semi-automatic and manual models available

  • Semi-automatic system can be operated in manual or semi-automatic mode.
  • Due to its versatile design, the manual system can be easily upgraded to semi-automatic.

Vision system determines when to punch

  • The computerized vision system and software ensure optimum accuracy by automating the punch/no punch decision process.
  • Materials that are out of tolerance are automatically rejected.

SPC feedback enables finely tuned production

  • The SPC feature (standard with the semi-automatic model) enables you to monitor dimensional change to determine scaling factors for innerlayerartwork.


Panel size: Accepts panels from 12" x 12" up to 21" x 24". Custom configurations also available.