Lamination products

Lamination and tooling accessories

  • Lamination tooling plates & reconditioning services
  • Pins, bushing and accessories
  • Cleaning accessories

Lamination handling products

Layup stations

Improve productivity and yields with C.A.PICARD®'s modular lay-up stations. Eliminate operator dead time with the ability to queue empty lamination plates and completed books. Reduces handling damage and particulate contamination while increasing overall operator efficiency with a workstation ergonomically designed specifically for the lay-up process.

  • LS150, LS250, and LSC-100
  • LS350
  • LS450
  • LS550

Depinners & breakdown stations 

Hammering out the dowel pins after lamination can be a tiring, time-consuming operation. Not to mention the potential for damage to expensive lamination tooling. The C.A.Picard, Inc. breakdown station safely removes lamination pins and lifts the lamination plate for breakdown and cleaning. The result is increased productivity, no lamination plate damage, no operator injury, and cost savings.

  • DEP-15/DEP-8
  • BT-50

Kitting stations 

The KS-B100 reduces errors in lay-up order and pre-preg weights. It also reduces handling damage and particulate contamination. Ergonomically designed to maximize kitting efficiencies and increase lay-up throughput. The modular design fits many application layouts.

  • KS-B100

Fully customized systems

C.A.PICARD® is available to completely customize an automated system for your specific needs. Please contact us for more information about these services.

  • RAB-2400
  • ATP-01
  • UB-10