Cleaning accessories

Cleaning broaches

Handheld broaches specially designed used to clean epoxy buildup from the inside of lamination tooling slots and holes.

Cleaning broachesPart number
.1875" x .2500" slotOP-39-2518-10-0001
.2500" roundOP-39-0250-10-0001
Replacement insertsPart number
.1875" x .2500" slotOP-39-2518-30-0001
.2500" roundOP-39-0250-30-0002
Broach handlesPart number
Slotted & .2500" roundOP-39-0250-30-0004

Additional sizes or special requirements available upon request.

Cleaning brushes

Twisted in wire, all stainless steel tube brushes are used for cleaning slotted and round holes in your separator plates. Choose from two styles of handles depending on your personal preference.

S.S. tube brushes with 1/4" eyeletPart number
.1875" dia.OP-39-0187-30-0003
.2500" dia.OP-39-0250-30-0003
S.S. tube brushes with  straight shankPart number
.1875" dia.OP-39-0187-30-0005
.2500" dia.OP-39-0250-30-0005
Brush handlesPart number
Handle w/locking collet (use with straight shank brushes)OP-40-4000-30-0001
T handle style (use with 1/4" eyelet brushes)OP-40-0750-30-0001

Cleaning & polishing pads

Hand pads for polishing & cleaning your lamination components and fixtures. These pads are offered in three levels of aggresiveness for mild to difficult plate cleaning operations.

  • Heavy Duty - For scratch removal and heavy epoxy deposits. 
  • Medium Duty - For light scratch removal, light epoxy deposits and blending heavy duty scratches. 
  • Light Duty - For finishing and final blending. 

The cleaning pads are offered in a convenient pre-cut size (3" x 4 1/2") to fit our durable hand held pad holder, also offered. The pad holder provides increased leverage and prevents pressure points caused by hand sanding, giving a more consistent and even finish to your plates.

Buld pack / Pre-cut padsPart number
Heavy duty pads - 20 / caseOP-40-0304-30-0004
Medium duty pads - 20 / caseOP-40-0304-30-0005
Light duty pads - 20 / caseOP-40-0304-30-0006
One pad holder Part number
One - 3 ¼" x 4 ¾" pad holderOP-40-0304-30-0011

Pin cleaner

Heavy duty vibratory finishing bowl used to automatically remove epoxy build up from your lamination pins. This system will effectively clean and polish the pins without risk of causing damage.

Use the optional flow through rinsing system and save on labor by delivering cleaner, brighter pins. The rinsing system also helps to maximize life of the polishing media. For best results use the concentrate rinse additive, dilution 2% in water.

C.A.PICARD® recommends using the optional screening kit to aid in the separation of your pins from the cleaning media. Also useful for separating undersize media from usable media. Screen kit includes the following: One 1/4" Screen plus a 1 cu. ft. tote contain

Pin cleaning equipmentPart number
Vibratory bowl (110V 60Hz)OP-40-1100-30-0001
Vibratory bowl (230V 50Hz)OP-40-1100-30-0007
Polishing media (15 Lbs.)OP-40-1100-30-0002
Heavy cleaning media (15 Lbs.)OP-40-1100-30-0009
Optional equipmentPart number
Flow-thru rinse system (110V 60Hz)OP-40-1100-30-0003
Flow-thru rinse system (230V 50Hz)OP-40-1100-30-0008
Rinse additive (1 quart)OP-40-1101-30-0004
Rinse additive (1 gallon)OP-40-1104-30-0005
Separating screen kitOP-40-1100-30-0006