Increased productivity

In the past, imaging was rarely executed without compromise. Conventional process equipment utilized both glass and mylar photo-registration frames. This manufacturing process generated additional steps which decreased production while increasing costs. An inherent risk of artwork damage existed and accurate and consistent registration could be compromised by traditional hinged photo-frame equipment.

The C.A.PICARD® Pinlam EF glass-to-glass photo-registration system offers a comprehensive imaging solution of surprising ease and ingenuity. Using vacuum to hold the film in place neatly eliminates taping and gluing while drastically reducing handling. For proper registration, artwork is simply laid onto registration pins set into the glass, the unit is closed and the resultant vacuum holds the film with utmost stability.

C.A.PICARD® philosophy and approach to photo registration

C.A.PICARD® has provided manufacturers worldwide with products and expertise to optimize their photoregistration processes. With years of knowledge and a successful track record we have the requisite skills to help you implement a system that will improve your registration, reduce handling steps and improve productivity.

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