This unique glass-to-glass system incorporates adjustment capabilities for accurate front-to-back artwork alignment without a precision artwork punch. Based on the proven, innovative design of the PinLam EF Photo Registration System, the EF/A System has been chosen by many manufacturers demanding quality and productivity.

Designed for cost-effective, accurate production without sacrificing flexibility

  • Engineered for precision fabrication of post-etch or mass lam innerlayers.

The PinLam EF/A frame is engineered for productivity

  • Self-contained film vacuum eliminates taping or gluing and reduces handling for faster set-up and higher throughput.
  • Unique design isolates registration components from frame-hinge to ensure precise repeatability.
  • Reduces film damage due to handling.
  • Operator adjustable for high precision and flexibility.

Built to fit your production process

  • Retrofits easily to most exposure systems.
  • Completely replaces conventional mylar vacuum frame.


Effective exposure area: In addition to the popular 18" x 24" and 21" x 24" panels, C.A.PICARD® builds a variety of frame sizes to fit your application and exposure equipment.