High strength, flawless glass - the difference is clear

No matter what type of imaging you do, the glass tooling you use plays a critical role. But not all glass is alike. See for yourself the difference in C.A.PICARD® high strength, precision machined glass.

High precision glass tooling improves your quality and productivity.

  • Fully strengthened to resist breakage
  • Optical grade glass
  • High UV transmittance speeds production
  • Custom tooled to your exact needs


Fully strengthened

  • Virtually eliminates breakage.
  • Unique strengthening process ensures perfect localized flatness, the result is improved contact.
  • Lower overall cost, higher up-time and better return on investment.

Precision tooled for your application

  • We machine and assemble each glass set ourselves to ensure high quality.
  • Customized pins, tooling designs and tolerance levels meet your specific imaging needs.
  • You get meticulous workmanship and unvarying specifications order after order.

Optical quality improves results

  • Each glass plate is carefully inspected, graded and matched to your application.
  • High UV light transmittance cuts exposure times.
  • Selected types and grades of glass are available.

C.A.PICARD® provides products and expertise to optimize your imaging operation.