Advantages for multilayer manufacturing

The C.A.PICARD® PinLam PE2 is designed for simplicity - very easy to use and maintain, assuring maximum productivity and uptime.

Its computer vision system is state of the art, using compact cameras that require no adjustment by the operator.

Setup has been greatly simplified, making it much faster and easier.

The footprint is compact, allowing the machine to fit virtually any shop situation.

C.A.PICARD® fixed die technology eliminates movement

  • C.A.PICARD® fixed die technology assures unchanging accuracy. No offsets or adjustments required.
  • Results in very consistent punching.

Vision system ensures precision and accuracy

  • Splits the difference of any error within predetermined limits.
  • Vision system uses fixed die references, ensuring absolute accuracy and consistency.
  • Advanced computer vision combined with fixed die technology ensure that calibration and offsets are not required.
  • Materials that are out of tolerance are automatically rejected.

SPC feedback enables finely tuned production

  • The SPC feature enables you to monitor dimensional change to determine scaling factors for innerlayer artwork.
  • Historical job data is easily accessed and analyzed.
  • Dimensional change can be plotted to track production trends.


Panel sizes (standard):

Accepts panels from 12" x 12" up to 24" x 30" (305 x 305 mm to 610 x 762 mm) (special designs possible).


Width: 38" (965 mm)
Length: 38" (965 mm)
Height: 67" (1701 mm)
Weight: 1100 lbs.