Kitting stations

The KS-B100 reduces errors in lay-up order and pre-preg weights. It also reduces handling damage and particulate contamination. Ergonomically designed to maximize kitting efficiencies and increase lay-up throughput. The modular design fits many application layouts.

Advantages of the KS-B100

The C.A.PICARD® kit station provides manufacturers the ability to greatly improve the productivity of their lamination process. The system is used to easily kit pre-preg and inner layers. Through the thoughtful ergonomic design, kitted lay-up is greatly simplified. The result is increased operator productivity, reduction of lay-up errors, handling damage, and particulate contamination.


  • Multiple stainless steel shelves on mobile cart
  • Digital scale
  • PC with historical data-base
  • Bar code reader
  • Custom user interface
  • Other layouts available
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Load the shelves with the appropriate pre-preg.
  • Bar code the current work order.
  • Add inner-layers and pre-preg in lamination order to the digital scale.
  • Program reads the digital scale and verifies the correct weight of layers and pre-preg as they are loaded against a historical data base.
  • An audible and visual warning occurs if an incorrect pre-preg or layer weight is encountered.
  • When the work order is finished, transport to lay-up station with the LSC-100 cart.


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