Lamination pins

The use of high quality materials, precision manufacturing, ensure a proper fit for registration and long life. All pins have a special recess in the ends to aid in the removal process and to reduce end distortion. Lamination pins are offered in all popular sizes and styles.

Note: Optional sizes available upon request.

Lamination pins .2500" dia. roundPart number
1.000" longOP-31-0250-00-1000
1.250" longOP-31-0250-00-1250
1.500" longOP-31-0250-00-1500
1.750" longOP-31-0250-00-1750
2.000" longOP-31-0250-00-2000
2.250" longOP-31-0250-00-2250
2.500" longOP-31-0250-00-2500
Lamination pins .1875" dia. roundPart number
1.000" longOP-31-0187-00-1000
1.250" longOP-31-0187-00-1250
1.500" longOP-31-0187-00-1500
1.750" longOP-31-0187-00-1750
2.000" longOP-31-0187-00-2000
2.250" longOP-31-0187-00-2250
2.500" longOP-31-0187-00-2500
Lamination pins .1875" x .2500" dia. slottedPart number
1.000" longOP-33-0250-18-1000
1.250" longOP-33-0250-18-1250
1.500" longOP-33-0250-18-1500
1.750" longOP-33-0250-18-1750
2.000" longOP-33-0250-18-2000
2.250" longOP-33-0250-18-2250
2.500" longOP-33-0250-18-2500

Drive punches

Designed to accurately remove lamination pins from your fixtures.

Drive punchesPart number
.2500" diameterOP-39-0250-00-0001
.1875" diameterOP-39-0187-00-0001

Lamination bushings

Our bushings are precision manufactured to extremely tight tolerances for positional accuracy. All bushings are fabricated from high grade tool steel, hardened and ground to R/C 62-64. This combination of material, precision manufacture, and Rockwell hardness result in a long life, wear resistant bushing for your lamination tooling requirements.

Note: Pricing for optional sizes available upon request

Slotted bushings .1875" flats x .2500" I.D.Part number
.250" thickOP-37-0250-05-0017
.275" thickOP-37-0273-05-0004
.375" thickOP-37-0375-05-0003
Round bushings .1875" I.D.                          Part number
.250" thickOP-37-0248-03-0056
.275" thickOP-37-0273-03-0055
.375" thickOP-37-0373-03-0054
.2500" I.D.                                                     Part number
.250" thickOP-37-0248-04-0051
.275" thickOP-37-0273-04-0052
.375" thickOP-37-0373-04-0050

FlowCAP washers

Made from .010" thick teflon, designed for a "snug" fit over the lamination pins. The washers prevent the flow of epoxy into lamination bushings and pins during the lamination process.

FLOWCAP washersPart number
.1875" x.2500" x .500" O.D. slotted (1000 pcs./bag)OP-40-2518-30-0001
.2500" I.D. x .500" O.D. round (1000 pcs./bag)OP-40-0250-30-0001
.1875" I.D. x .375" O.D. round (1000 pcs./bag)OP-40-0187-30-0001

Bushing & pin inspection kit

Your lamination bushings and pins are critical for achieving precise and accurate registration during lamination of the PCB. Because of this fact, C.A.PICARD® offers specially designed, certified gages to detect worn or defective bushings and pins.

Our bushing and pin inspection gages offer an efficient, reliable, proven inspection method for added quality assurance of the lamination process.

The following gage kits and individual gages are available for the popular lamination bushing & pin sizes and styles:

Complete kitsPart number
.1875" x .2500" slotted bushings & pinsOP-38-0100-10-0001
.2500" dia. round bushings & pinsOP-38-0100-10-0002
Go no-go gages-bushingsPart number
.1875" x .2500" slottedOP-38-2518-30-0002
.2500" dia. roundOP-38-0250-30-0001
.1875" dia. roundOP-38-0187-30-0002
Go no-go gages-lamination pinsPart number
.1875" x .2500" slottedOP-38-2518-10-0001
.2500" dia. roundOP-38-0250-10-0002
.1875" dia. roundOP-38-0187-10-0001
Storage casePart number
8 1/2" x 7 13/16" x 3 9/16"OP-38-0100-30-0001

Each kit includes the following:

  • Storage case
  • Go, no-no plug gage for lamination bushing
  • Go, no-go gage for lamination pin (checks pin size and straightness)
  • Push tool for pin gage
  • Certificate of inspection
  • Instructions for usage

Additional sizes or special requirements available upon request. All gages will be supplied with "Certificate of Certification" traceable to N.I.S.T. standards.