PinLam LS-250 lay-up station with magnet Lift

The C.A.PICARD® lay-up station provides manufacturers the ability to greatly improve the productivity of their lamination process. The system is easily designed to match your operation. Through the thoughtful ergonomic design lay-up is greatly simplified. The result is increased operator productivity and reduction of handling damage and particulate contamination.


  • Mobile kit cart docks to lay-up station.
  • Three adjustable shelves
  • Pull out lamination plate drawer interfaces with safe hold magnet
  • Pull out separator / CAC shelf
  • Semi-automatic lamination plate lifter with safe-hold magnet
  • Automatic finished book out feed
  • Adjustable pin stops
  • Max. lamination plate 24" x 30" Min. 10" x 12"


  • Work order kits are loaded on a mobile cart.
  • Kitted pre-preg, inner-layers, lamination plates, separator plates, CAC, and load leveler all have an ergonomic storage location.
  • Transport and dock the kit cart to the lay-up station.
  • Pull out the lamination plate drawer.
  • Utilize the safe hold magnet to lift and manipulate the lamination plates from the pull out drawer to the lay-up table.
  • Actuate the pin stops.
  • Build the work order by pulling product from the ergonomically placed shelves and drawers.
  • Utilize the safe-hold magnet to lift and place the top lamination plate.
  • Automatically send the finished book out to the press area.