Our code of conduct

As C.A.PICARD®, we stand by our social responsibility to our employees, our customers, suppliers and partners, to society and the environment. In order to meet these expectations, we believe it is necessary to behave in a legally compliant, trustworthy and exemplary manner in all matters.

Here at C.A.PICARD®, compliance is integral to the set of corporate values. To make our objectives regarding legally compliant behaviour clear and transparent, we have introduced our own code of conduct for C.A.PICARD®. This code of conduct represents a binding orientation framework for all employees of C.A.PICARD®. As such, it outlines the fundamental minimum standard with regard to adherence to statutory regulations and ethical issues, to which we - the company management, managers and employees - are bound. The code of conduct with its associated detailed instructions helps to identify legal risk and avoid legal infringements.
In all our interests, infringements of our code of conduct will not be tolerated, but will be investigated rigorously and sanctioned accordingly.


Code of Conduct C.A.PICARD®