AMC / PMC capping parts

PMC cooling conveyor

  • C.A.PICARD®‘s state-of-the-art capping strip programme also for all PMC systems
  • Reduces iron stick – spilled iron chips off easily, eliminates grinding
  • Capping strips protect expensive PMC bars and increase the mould quality through even surfaces
  • Easy to install and exchange of single bars
  • Cast iron carriers reduce warping from heat and excessive wear

Capping strips

  • Capping strips improve mould transport and reduce maintenance
  • Offered in various widths, thicknesses and lengths for all AMC and PMC applications
  • Stainless steel eliminates sand stick, speeds clean up and reduces wear
  • Self-centering fixing elements allow fast, easy and secure installation

Twin Strip®

  • Two-piece capping strip consisting of a 3 mm thick wear plate and a 9 mm thick backing strip
  • Material: stainless and acid resistant steel
  • The backing strip assembly can easily be attached to your AMC pouring rail using the existing fastening screw threaded holes.
  • The wear plate is precisely fixed to the backing strip by using the metallic hook-and-loop tape.
  • Fast and efficient replacement of damaged or worn capping strips by using a lever tool at different positions
  • The wear plate can be changed repeatedly.

Thrust bars / Side clamps

  • Standard side clamps and thrust bars produced from high quality cast iron
  • All parts precision machined and stress relieved


  • Stainless steel wear surface construction – eliminates sand stick
  • Greatly reduces wear and corrosion through stainless steel wear plates
  • Replaceable wear plates on mould and roller side – gives clamps and thrust bars a longer life
  • Special preparation design allows installation without adjustments

AMC (accessories)

  • We carry AMC spare parts in our programme such as wedge plates, special designed rollers, hydraulic and pneumatic components, traverse bars …