We really turn up the heat during our heat treatment!

As a manufacturer of wear-resistant parts and tools for press, moulding and punch machines, we operate our own hardening workshop with an interesting range of services.

In addition to carbonisation, we can offer heat treatment of plates/panels/strips made from tempering and tool steel up to a hardening temperature of 1050ºC. What sets our plants apart is their ability to perform tempering under mould constraint (press hardening).

Possible dimensions:

Furnace atmosphereQuenching agentMax. length (mm)Max. width (mm)Max. thickness (mm)

Our service offering includes subsequent straightening on force-controlled straightening presses as well as manual straightening using hammers.

Carbonisation is performed using the Carbodrop process in electrically heated retort furnaces up to an effective size of Ø 1400 x 2900 mm. In this case, surface carbon contents in excess of 2.5% are used to produce a wear-resistant layer containing carbides. We are unable to offer conventional case-hardening.