Our plates last longer than is convenient for us

You can rely on our special plates. Choice material qualities and precisely tuned heat treatment guarantee extremely long service lifetimes. You require extreme resistance to wear, flatness, super-finely polished surfaces and high parallelism – we supply you with top quality without compromise.

What you can expect:

We supply any size between 210 x 297 mm and 1750 x 3900 mm with thickness of 0.7 up to 15 mm. You can choose hardness reaching from 40 to 62 HRC.

Press and bottom plates
Flatness*:0.20 mm
Parallelism*:≤ 0.02 mm
Surface finish:N7

* The indications regarding flatness and parallelism are approximate values and depend on dimensions, material and hardness.
Form and position tolerances are subject to the Principle of Independence according to ISO8015.