C.A.PICARD® accessories complete the program.
The bushings are arranged so that they can be exchanged, if necessary, without adverse effect upon the guaranteed accuracy. Bushing inserts are available not only for the standard slotted hole, but also for other configurations. C.A.PICARD® registration pins are provided with centering facilitators so that de-pinning will be easier and quicker.

 Standard bushing OP-37-003/BRegistration pins
Hardness:58+2 HRC56+4 HRC
Dimensions and tolerances
Nominal dimensions:Ø 6.368 x 4.77 mmØ 6.35 x 4.76 mm
Diameter:+ 0.012 mm
- 0 mm
+ 0 mm
- 0.005 mm
Width:+ 0.012 mm
- 0 mm
+ 0 mm
- 0.005 mm
Standard lengths:9.5 mm19, 25, 32, 35, 38, 44, 51, 57, 63 mm

C.A.PICARD spring devices

These spring devices significantly increase the process security during the lamination and transportation process. We offer two different versions of these C.A.PICARD® spring devices.

The 90° (with two handles) or the straight spring device (with one handle) fixes the lamination package during production. These C.A.PICARD® spring devices also help and simplify the lay-up and break-down of the lamination package. This results in higher production reliability and higher output.