Compliance Management System

The C.A.PICARD® compliance system is divided into three levels of action: prevent, identify and respond. In these, we integrate a comprehensive system of measures to ensure that our business is always fully compliant with the rule of law as well as with our internal principles and regulations.

Compliance is a prerequisite for fair and transparent business practices. The exemplary and responsible actions of each individual employee strengthen the performance and reputation of C.A.PICARD®. After all, only those who conduct themselves properly in all business fields can successfully compete in the market and retain the trust of customers, suppliers and partners into the future.

Therefore, compliance supports the economic and social success of C.A.PICARD®. Compliance gives employees certainty in everyday life, protects them and the company against unnecessary risks, and points out the correct approach in cases of doubt. Naturally, adherence to regulations is part of our day-to-day work. Compliance calls for reponsible actions on the part of each individual, actions which are constistent with all applicable legislation, with voluntary commitments, and with our internal guidelines. That is because infringements of external and internal rules can have serious economic consequences.

All employees of C.A.PICARD® are personally responsible for heeding the compliance requirements. Our managers bear additional corporate responsibility for consistently implementing the compliance programme. Staff members and managers alike are supported in this task by the compliance organisation.

Unimpeachable company management and the acceptance of social responsibility form the basis of the corporate policy of C.A.PICARD®. Compliance is therefore a central element for ensuring the long-term success of the company and forms the basis of our business relationships.

In 2018, we will launch a mandatory web-based training course on the topics of integrity, compliance and law for our workforce in Germany. This will provide all employees with the tools they need to make correct decisions in difficult situations and to minimise risks.

Our Compliance Management System also incorporates a reporting element. This provides employees, but also business partners and third parties, with a means of reporting irregular conduct by e-mail or hotline to our Compliance Officer.

In this context, it is particularly important that they report any events that point to criminal offences - such as theft, fraud or bribery - or to systematic violations of the rule of law or internal corporate regulations. Our objective is to develop the predominantly rule-based compliance into a primarily value-based approach.


Report a compliance event: compliancenoSpam@capicard.de

C.A.PICARD® compliance hotline: +49 2191 893-145