C.A.PICARD® will straighten things out again!

High material loads, thermal effects and mechanical machining lead to significant material distortion. The consequences of this are increased material consumption and laborious refinishing work. It takes in-depth know-how to smooth out deviations in evenness.

As a specialist manufacturer of ultra-precise, wear-resistant parts, C.A.PICARD® offers exactly this expertise. We have no difficulty competing at international level in meeting the highest quality requirements and tolerances of a wide range of wear parts. For contract straightening of plates and flat components, our range of services for you includes several cutting-edge and automatic straightening plants as well as special workstations at which ultra-precise manual straightening is carried out.

Automated straightening:

  • Automatic and ultra-precise straightening plants
  • Flat parts up to 20 x 2000 x 3000 mm
  • Maximum hardness of 50 HRc
  • Inspection and documentation using 3D measuring machine

Manual straightening:

  • Straightening by hammer blows
  • Highly qualified manual straightening technicians with many years of experience
  • Maximum hardness of 65 HRc
  • Inspection and documentation using 3D measuring machine

C.A.PICARD® will meet your special requirements when it comes to straightening things out!