Materials for segments:

00Nitrided steel900-1050 HV0.5
05Hardened stainless steel48-50 HRC
71Tool steel59-62 HRC
EGStainless steel36-39 HRC
EEStainless tool steel55-58 HRC
SNStainless tool steel55-58 HRC
15PM-HIP compound61-65 HRC
PHPM-HIP compound64-66 HRC
PSPM-HIP compound54-58 HRC
25PM-HIP compound56-60 HRC
XAStainless with hardfaced flights44-50 HRC
XQStainless with hardfaced flights42-45 HRC

The mentioned categories are based on C.A.PICARD®'s experience,
material analyses and information provided by customers.