Security steel

For decades, C.A.PICARD has been counted among the world’s best manufacturers of special purpose steel solutions for specialist industries which fulfil utmost demands. Our knowledge of materials is based on our history – since the founding of our company in 1876, we have been ideally combining experience, know-how and development.

For human safety, we have been delivering HC Protect® and SC Protect – security steels of the latest generation – for military forces, civil defence and money transporters since 2006. Innovative production processes permit to combine contradictory properties such as extremely-high hardness and ductility in one material and thus to ensure superior performance. Guaranteed mechanical properties and lowest thickness tolerances make a weight-optimised design of ballistic protection possible.

By means of its particular multi-hit capability with low weight, HC Protect® offers a secure efficiency against hard-core ammunition in a compound system against various kinds of threat, while SC Protect offers utmost efficiency against soft-core ammunition.

Thanks to long-time experience, unique production possibilities and continuous development in close cooperation with our customers, we offer tailor-made solutions which meet your requirements.

Application areas:

  • Military forces
  • Civil defence
  • Money transporters


  • Multi-hit capability
  • Low thicknesses (less weight)
  • Suitable as compound system
  • Stand-alone utilization is possible
  • Low thickness tolerance


  • Various thicknesses are available from stock
  • Compound systems can be designed on demand
  • Customized thicknesses are possible with HC Protect® 160 and 175 (not with HC Protect® L)
HC Protect® 160HC Protect® 160 LHC Protect® 175HC Protect® 175 L SC Protect 140
Surface hardness:HRC62-6562-6562-6562-6550 ± 2
Core hardness:HRCapprox. 45approx. 45approx. 42approx. 42
Maximum Dimension:mm850 x 2500850 x 25001250 x 25001250 x 25001500 x 4500
Available thicknesses:mm6.0 – 12.06.0 – 12.02.0 – 7.02.0 – 7.01.2 – 5.0
Thickness tolerance:mm-0/+0.1-0/+0.3-0/+0.1-0/+0.3-0/+0.3
Formability:only before heat treatment*only before heat treatment*only before heat treatment*only before heat treatment*lmited*

* Constructionally limited, only after consulting

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