The barrel arrangement of a twin screw extruder can be adapted to the needs of the process to be performed. Barrel types include feed, side-feed, degassing, combi and closed barrels. With a suitable configuration, materials can be added along the processing section or gas or moisture removed. Normally the barrels are equipped with bored (liquid) heat transfer channels.

As the barrel is a particularly valuable and critical part of a twin screw extruder’s configuration, it is in many cases equipped with a replaceable liner. Once it’s been detected that predefined wear tolerances have been exceeded only this liner has to be replaced with a new one. The valuable outer barrel can be re-used as long as the cooling system is not irreversibly plugged by encrustation or corrosion. C.A.PICARD® offers top-quality barrels with or without liner, or just the replacement liner itself.

C.A.PICARD®'s service range also includes the exchange of liners and the conversion of a solid barrel to a variant with liner.