Refurbishing service

After intensive use, plates start to display signs of wear, which can lead to reduced quality and productivity - which is where C.A.PICARD® comes into play. With our in-house service backed by many years of experience in the area of grinding technology, we can restore the surface of the plates to as-new condition to maintain your productivity at a constant high level.

To do this, C.A.PICARD® operates service centres worldwide where your tools will be ground and straightened quickly, precisely and cost-effectively. We can also provide this service for third-party products.

Our refurbishing service is available for the following wear parts:

  • Press plates
  • Separator plates
  • Carrier plates
  • Top and bottom plates
  • Die cutting plates
  • Slide plates
  • Vulcanisation moulds
  • and much more

Technical characteristics of refurbishing:

Refurbishing service
Grinding typeStone grinding (N7)Belt grindingFinishing (Finish 6)
Max. length3850 mm5300 mm3800 mm
Max. width1730 mm1780 mm1600 mm
Surface finish

              N7 (Ra 0.8-1.6 µm)
CAP Finish 4 (Ra < 0.25 µm)
CAP Finish 5 (Ra < 0.14 µm)
CAP Finish 6 (Ra < 0.12 µm)

Extend the lifespan of your wear parts with our refurbishing service.

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