Material analysis and consulting for your extruder

Quality is a key criterion for our company with regard to competitiveness. Our well-equipped laboratory not only assures the high quality standards of our products but also enables us to offer our customers a range of services covering all aspects of materials.

Thanks to many years of experience in selecting and handling materials, we can offer professional consulting services for your extruder. Tell us about your problem with wear or corrosion. We will work with you to develop the best solution. We can also manufacture parts made from "exotic" materials for you.

Our materials laboratory offers comprehensive analysis facilities

In addition to the selection of suitable materials, we can carry out a range of investigations in our laboratory:

  • Analysis of the composition of a material
  • Stationary and mobile hardness test for metallic materials:
    - Rockwell DIN EN ISO 6508-1
    - Vickers DIN EN ISO 6507-1
    - Brinell DIN EN ISO 6506-1
    - CHD DIN EN ISO 2639
    - Nht DIN 50190-3
    - Hardness measurement using micro hardness testers
  • Metallographic sample preparation
  • Stereoscopic and optical microscopic investigation
  • Structural analysis (e.g. layer thickness measurement, purity grade measurement, etc.)
  • Crack detection (VT and PT)
  • Failure analysis
  • Wear and corrosion testing (e.g. frictional wheel standard test method according to ASTM G65-04 standard, pin-on-disc). In consultation with customers, tribological investigations can be specially tailored to their application.
  • Heat treatment of components

Additional diagnoses with the help of our qualified partners

Further investigations can be carried out with a network of partner companies, universities, institutes of technologies and institutes. These material tests include, among other things, tensile testing, notched-bar impact testing, determining the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), SEM investigations and nanoindentation.

Profit from our knowledge of materials and their wear mechanisms.