Tie rods and bushings, shafts and cylinders

Tie rods – standard, hardened, sleeved

  • Hardened rods available with a 62 HRC base material coated with additional hard-chrome plating for extreme wear
  • Sleeve programme eliminates tie rod removal – only the worn area is replaced
  • Re-chroming service for worn parts
  • “Quick-Lock-Nut” for fast dismantling

Tie rod bushings – solid or split

  • Specially designed standard “one piece” tie rod bushings
  • “Split” tie rod bushings that eliminate tie rod removal during maintenance including special split wipers and retaining rings
  • Material of highest grade abrasion resistant bearing bronze

Shafts and cylinders

  • Press cylinders, accumulator, core setter rods – the complete programme for all moulding lines
  • Exceptional qualities through extra chroming procedures
  • All items also with induction-hardened core
  • Rebuild programme along with exchange system reduces cost and inventory