PLASTIC JAPAN Tokyo Show 2023

C.A.PICARD® Japan participated in the PLASTIC JAPAN in Tokyo from 4 to 6 October 2023. The show gathers all kinds of technologies related to the plastics industry, from raw materials and additives to moulding and processing machinery as well as recycling technologies.

This year, it was visited by approximately 44,000 people in three days and more customers than expected visited our booth.

We presented again the items below:

  • BMD (Barrel Measurement Device): the high efficiency of our BMD by providing accurate information on barrel wear and analytical reports (presented via promotional film)
  • FDS (Flexible Dismantling System) with PLC control to dismantle the screw elements from the shafts efficiently with full protection for the screw elements, the shafts and especially the operators without risk of injury (presented via promotional film)
    The machine will be introduced at the C.A.PICARD® Kawaguchi premises, probably at the end of 2023. We promoted the efficiency and advantages of it to the visitors and invited them to visit our premises to see the machine on site.
  • BMD camera: We demonstrated this service with our actual device. The camera can record inside barrels very clearly and many customers are interested in it.

The next PLASTIC JAPAN will take place in Osaka from 8 to 10 May 2024. We are looking forward to welcoming many guests at our booth again then.