PinLam ATP-01 transporter

The C.A.PICARD® automated bi-level transporter provides manufacturers the ability to greatly improve the productivity of their lamination process. Through thoughtful design, transportation of lamination plate sets and finished books is simple and efficient. The transporter is designed to service multiple lay-up stations, storage buffers, and transport conveyors. The result is increased operator productivity and reduction of handling damage and particulate contamination. You are now in full control of production work flow.


  • Speed: 180 feet / min.
  • Book data tracking capable
  • Bi-directional drive rollers
  • Two levels: 18 inches and 36 inches
  • AC servo drive for precise positioning
  • Return book to lay-up station capable
  • Direct interface with lay-up stations, storage buffers, and transport conveyors
  • Power: 480 3phase vac, 10 amps
  • Air: .2 CFM , at 85 psi
  • Lamination plate sizes from 10"x12" to 24"x30", larger lamination plate sizes available