Bötzel record a resounding increase in productivity of baling presses: Wear plates of C.A.PICARD make it possible

Mr Hoffmann from Bötzel (right) and Mr Diedrich from C.A.PICARD

Extract from the product mix for the recycling industry

For many years, the recycling expert Wihelm Bötzel GmbH & Co. KG processes and presses secondary raw materials such as stamping waste and scrap from new sheets, mixed scrap, profiles, stainless steel, and DSD material. Bötzel attaches the utmost importance to highest quality and latest equipment - just like C.A.PICARD®.

Mr Hoffmann, Authorised Officer at recycling expert Bötzel reports: "With the CRT60 wear plates from C.A.PICARD®, we are now pressing two to three times more material compared to our old plates. Our productivity has skyrocketed and the wear plates now last longer before needing to be changed. At first, the higher price of C.A.PICARD® caused us to hesitate. However, the test results of the wear plates show that we made the right choice to install C.A.PICARD® plates as they represent a huge technological step forward for us. To top it off, we are making enormous savings thanks to the longer lifespan of the plates."

Machine failure due to wear? CRT60 is the solution!

"Highest surface hardness and exact component geometry with tightest tolerances are prerequisites for a long lifespan of the lining of presses. Our special metallurgical composition and the tightest tolerances of our CRT60 wear plates ensure easy installation, an enormous prolongation of lifespan, and a smooth weldability with any wear that arises. Furthermore, we attach the utmost importance to threaded/stud bolt safety, so that we also developed an improved solution for this issue. We have specialised in the lining of briquetting and baling presses with profiled and/or flat plates. We manufacture 100% of our plates in Remscheid exclusively using our innovative material CRT60 which we developed", says Dennis Diedrich, Sales Plate Technology C.A.PICARD®.


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