Plastic Expo Tokyo Show 2019

C.A.PICARD® participated in the "Highly-functional Material Week" in December 2019. The Plastic Expo is an exhibition bringing together highly-functional material technologies that are indispensable to various kinds of high-technology industries such as advanced materials, processing technologies, production equipment, and testing equipment. In addition, there were active discussions among researchers and manufacturers from diverse fields such as automotive, electronics, medicine, and aerospace.

About 1,360 companies participated as exhibitors and 54,000 people visited the show during these three days. Compared with the "Highly-functional Material Week 2018" also held in Tokyo, the total number of visitors decreased by approximately 9%, but the same number of people visited our booth last year.

Our booth was located in the resin injection/processing technology zone and we presented the FD system and the Barrel Measurement Device (BMD) via promotional film.

  • Our FD system with PLC control to dismantle screw elements from shafts with full protection for screw elements, shafts, and especially for the workers
  • Our BMD with accurate information and analytical reports on barrel wear

We were pleased to meet our customers and other visitors and enjoyed the discussions with them.

The next Plastic Expo will be held in Osaka from 13 to 15 May 2020. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth.