Advantages of the LS-550

The C.A.PICARD® modular lay-up station provides manufacturers the ability to greatly improve the productivity of their lamination process. By combining shelf and lamination plate input / output options the system is easily designed to match your operation. Through the thoughtful ergonomic design lay-up is greatly simplified. The result is increased operator productivity and reduction of handling damage and particulate contamination.


  • Five adjustable shelves
  • Three permanent shelves
  • Automatic lamination plate in feed and book out feed
  • Adjustable pin stops
  • Max. lamination plate 24" x 30" Min. 10" x 12"
  • Semi-automatic lamination plate lifter with safe-hold magnet
  • 480 VAC 3 phase 15 amps
  • 80 PSI air 2 cfm.


  • Lamination plate sets enter on the lower level.
  • Scissor lift brings the plate set to an ergonomic height.
  • Safe magnet automatically lifts and stores the top lamination plate.
  • Operator actuated pin stops.
  • Five-product storage shelves on the left e.g. pre-preg, load leveler, kitted inner layers.
  • Three storage shelves on the right for foils and separators.
  • Finished books exit on the top level.
  • Automatic delivery and buffering of lamination plate sets.
  • Automatic delivery and buffering of finished books.
  • Carrier tray or non carried lamination plate compatible.
  • Semi-automated versions available.
  • Shelf carts options available.